Tips for Getting Through the Toddler Stage with Twins

Ever heard of the terrible twos? How about the terrible twos, times two?

I love my twins to pieces! Me and my husband Daniel consider Ella and Rose to be a huge blessing in our lives, but as they quickly grow out of the adorable baby stage and into the toddler stage, we remember what it was like to get through the terrible twos with Ava, our five-year-old.

As charming and wonderful as Ava is, she had her moments as a toddler where she would throw fits at the worst possible time – just like any child. The thought of dealing with that all over again – but in double proportions – is enough to strike fear into the hearts of any parent.

Fortunately for you (And me), I have some tips that should help you to get through the toddler stage with twins.

1.    Take Them Away from Tantrum-Causing Situations

Toddlers are emotional whirlwinds. One minute they’re fine, the next they’re screaming the place down because you refuse to buy them another piece of candy. I found that the best way to deal with a tantrum quickly and effectively is to take your children away from the thing that’s causing the disruption. If you’re in a store and they both want something that they can’t have, leave the store as quickly as you can. This will take their mind off the problem, and help them to calm down quicker.

2.    Keep them BOTH Distracted

Separating twins can be a nightmare, but if yours are anything like mine, you might find that the emotions of one seems to set off the emotions of the other. In other words, don’t let your twins rile each other up. Instead, keep them both distracted by giving them books to read or something else to do, so that they have something to focus on. If one twin starts causing mayhem, give the other twin a treat to keep him or her busy while you deal with the naughty child. This could be something as simple as putting his or her favorite cartoon on TV.

3.    Ignore the People Around you

Let’s face it, dealing with a screaming and unhappy child is bad enough when there’s only one to worry about. If you’re out and about and your screaming twins are causing a scene, don’t give in to their demands for candy and toys just because you want people to stop looking at you. If they’re not parents, they don’t understand what you’re going through, and if they are, they’re either sympathizing with you or watching you in the hope that you’ll have some magical cure for a tantrum that they can try later.


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