TreeRing Memories: Uploading, Organizing and Printing Family Pictures Made Easy

Being a mom to a 6-year-old and 18-month-old twins, I know how important memories are to parents. From cute smiles to the first family vacation, we cherish those special moments with our children. As parents, we’re constantly snapping pictures of our kids! Not only is is it a perfect way to document our memories, but relive these special moments again and again.

Picture taking has become so easy in the digital age that most parents have thousands of pictures of their children saved to their devices. These photos capture some of our best memories but more often than not they never become printed. Uploading shots to social media is easy, but I truly feel there is no better way to preserve your documented family memories than in printed photo books. To be honest, sometimes I feel ‘mom guilt’ that I don’t have more photo books of my kids! I always plan to go to a store to print these pictures, but like most parents, I never find the time to do it.  

TreeRing Memories is here to solve that problem! Their goal as a company is to make the lives of moms easier when it comes printing and creating pictures of their children. TreeRing Memories is a free app that you download to your phone to safely store and share pictures and videos of your growing family. All you have to do is upload your pictures, and TreeRing Memories will help you create the perfect memory books that you can keep for a lifetime. 

The is how it works:

The app automatically groups photos that are added and puts them into a chronological order in your personal feed, where you can create all different sorts of books. With as little as 20 photos the app can create an album. Everything is editable and customizable, so you don’t worry about photobook layouts with this app. You can also create books for special events – like a special holiday or birthday.

Creating albums is made easier because you can create a profile for each of your children. The app also allows you to document milestones of every child you add to your feed. You can swipe through dozens of memory prompts within seconds to recall special moments and memories, like an early ultrasound, how parents shared the good news, special visitors after birth, funny events, and memories of first experiences and holidays.

One of my favorite features of the Tree Ring Memories apps is that it allows you to invite friends and family to interact with your photos. I don’t want to share every personal picture of my children on social media, but I do want to my family to see them, so this provides a great solution to that. Also, the people you invite to view your photos can add their own, making it a whole lot easier to get copies of photos others have taken of your children.

TreeRing Memories is s a free app that is available for download in both the US and Canada. Printed books start from as little as $9.99, and for a limited time, TreeRing is offering 50% off your first purchase. Download the app now from the iTunes and start printing books! 

For more information about the app visit TreeRing Memories.


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Disclaimer: The conversation about TreeRing Memories was done in partnership with TreeRing Memories. The opinions and text are all mine.

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