Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Maxwell Gives Herself A Hair-Cut

Jessica Simpson's Daughter Maxwell Gives Herself A Hair-CutJessica Simpson shared a mommy moment on Instagram yesterday that we can all relate to.  The pop singer, turned actress, turned fashion mogul is the proud parent of 4 year old Maxwell Drew Johnson and 3 year old Ace Knute Johnson.  According to Jessica Simpson’s Instagram account, her daughter Max got a hold of a pair of scissors and gave herself an impromptu hair cut – just in time for school. 

Jessica Simpson posted a photo of a plastic bag with a long lock of hair in it.  She labeled the Ziploc bag, “Maxwell found Daddy’s scissors.”  The photo is captioned, “Just in time for school Mommy is NOT happy.”


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Obviously we go above and beyond to make sure our houses are safe, and childproof, but Maxwell is 4 years old now – and that means she is curious beyond belief and gets in to EVERYTHING.  There aren’t too many parents out there that can say their little ones didn’t cut their own hair at some point.  

Jessica Simpson’s Instagram followers could relate, as can most of us, one fan commented “Same thing happened to me…my daughter cut almost all her hair off except for one long strand with her Crayola scissors! Trust me you’ll laugh about this years later.”

Luckily for Jessica, it looks like Maxwell didn’t cut off TOO much of her hair.  And, we all know that our kids’ hair grows literally inches over night.  Has one of your little ones every given themselves a hair-cut?  Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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