Selma Blair Celebrates Her Birthday With Son Arthur

Selma Blair Celebrates Her Birthday With Son ArthurHappy Birthday Selma Blair!  The actress celebrated her 44th birthday on Thursday June 23, and she had a special day with adorable 5 year old son Arthur.  In honor of her special day, Selma shared a sweet photo on her Instagram page of her and her son Arthur enjoying birthday cupcakes.  

Selma Blair captioned the photo with this message:

“And so what should I wish ? “. And he whispered it in my ear right then. I ask my angel for it to be true every day. And to do the same for others. Thank you @wildersatheart for loving us this birthday. Your patience. Your support. We [heart] you. And a sincere thank you to all those who sent me the spirit of loving and forgiveness. It is a new birth year. Thank you.”

The “forgiveness” Selma Blair is referring to is an incident that occurred on a plane earlier this week.  The actress was removed from a plane after a family vacation with Arthur and his father.  Selma issued a public apology in Vanity Fair and explained that she made the mistake of mixing alcohol with her medication.  Selma made it very clear that her son was safe during the incident and with his father.  

Earlier this month, Selma shared her experiences as a single mom in her 40’s in an interview with People Magazine.  Selma dished, “I’m up at 5:45, I’m playing Candy Land by 5:47.  I remind myself every moment, I think, because I did have my child later than a lot of people have children. So I’ve had a whole life to live and realize the grass isn’t always greener. I just need more sleep, but I do appreciate every moment.”

Image Credit: Instagram