Pregnant Tatyana Ali Shares New Baby Bump Pics

Pregnant Tatyana Ali Shares New Baby Bump PicsBrace yourselves 90’s kids.  The Fresh Prince of Bel Air star, Tatyana Ali, took to Instagram this week to share some new baby bump pictures – and she is glowing!  Although it took us a moment to get past the fact that Carlton’s little sister Ashley is now pregnant, we have to admit, Tatyana Ali wears it well and she looks absolutely adorable with her baby bump!

Tatyana took to social media in April 2016 and announced that she and her fiance, Dr. Vaughn Rasberry, were expecting their first child.  Although the actress didn’t go in to details about her pregnancy, judging from the size of her baby bump, she could easily be in her final trimester.  

In May, Tatyana Ali sat down for an interview with Essence Magazine, of course her pregnancy and engagement were one of the topics of conversation.  Tatyana explained that she and her fiance, Dr. Rasberry, has decided that they did not want to know the sex of their baby.  

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air actress explained, “If we knew the sex, we might decide things about our baby’s future that we have no right to decide — that our little boy will love athletics like his father, or our little girl should be sent to dance school like I was when I was young. We may unwittingly predetermine a course for our child that is ridiculous or just plain wrong.”

Do you agree with Tatyana’s thoughts on keeping the sex of her baby a surprise until he/she is born?  Would you be able to wait that long to know if you are having a son or daughter? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Tatyana Ali Instagram

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