‘General Hospital’ News: Teresa Castillo Shares Adorable Video Of Daughter Victoria Singing

'General Hospital' News: Teresa Castillo Shares Adorable Video Of Daughter Victoria Singing‘General Hospital’ Teresa Castillo [Sabrina Santiago] shared an adorable video of her daughter Victoria recently. The cute little toddler is pretending to wash the kitchen floor as she sings ‘Sing Sweet Nightingale’ from ‘Cinderella.’

'Sellawella' is always in character #Cinderella #SingSweetNightengale #DisneyPrincess #CutestEver

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Teresa’s comment on the video is, “’Sellawella’ is always in character #Cinderella #SingSweetNightengale #DisneyPrincess #CutestEver.” Little ‘Sellawella’ may have a future in musical theater!

The actress also posted a few adorable photos of two-year-old Victoria and 5-month old Sebastian on Instagram. Teresa’s angel babies are all dressed up with Sebastian wearing khakis, a blue shirt and a tie. Victoria looks adorably cute wearing flower headband and pretty white dress with a bow.

Angel babies 👼👼

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Teresa, hubby Shane and the kids are now headed of on vacation. Teresa shared a photo with ‘GH’ fans via Instagram of the family of four on a plane bound for Maui. “Odd to Maui with these coconuts!!” Little ‘Sellawella,’ who just celebrated her second birthday looks absolutely thrilled to be traveling to Hawaii with mom and dad. Sebastian is relaxing with a bottle in his baby seat.

Happy travels to ‘General Hospital’ Teresa Castillo as she enjoys a family vacation in Hawaii. Maybe the actress will share some fun photos and videos with ‘GH’ viewers while in Maui.