Great Baby Shower & Registry List Products From Zoli

Great Baby Shower & Registry List Products From Zoli Baby

As a mother of newborn twins and a four-year-old daughter, I know a thing or two about baby showers! Often times, friends and family have a hard time deciding what items to get someone, so they go with safe items like diapers and blankets. There are, however, a whole variety of other products that new parents need that are perfect to give as a small gift at a baby shower. 

One brand that makes great gift giving / baby registry list products is ZoLi. I discovered the brand when my now four-year-old daughter was a baby and have been using their products ever since. Established in 2008, the brand is dedicated to creating safe, innovative products that meet the challenges of modern parenting. Too add, their products are functional, but modern looking while being made with the safest materials. 

Did I mention Zoli is also a favorite brand of celeb parents? The children of Katie Holmes, Alyson Hannigan, Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hilary Duff and many more celeb parents have been pictured using Zoli products. 

Here is a small list of perfect Zoli products to give as a gift at a baby shower or to add to a baby registry list. These are affordable gifts that will make great additions to any nursery!

A. Zoli Baby BREATH Nasal Aspirator

No more ineffective squeeze aspirators! This safe and gentle device will easily help soothe a stuffy nose. It’s small enough to toss in the diaper bag, or keep on the dresser when your little one is battling a cold. Soft silicone tips provide relief for your baby without irritating the nose, and the transparent collection cup lets you see how well the aspirator is working.

B. Zoli Baby BUZZ B Nail Trimmer

Nail trimming can be one of the most nerve-wracking tasks for new parents, but this trimmer makes the process so much easier! This nail trimmer operates on batteries to gently file your baby’s nails without harming her skin. The trimmer comes with multiple pads of different grits, so you can use this nail trimmer from birth to toddlerhood.

C. Zoli Baby BABY OHM Diaper Changing Mat

You will never want to place a baby directly on a changing table in a public restroom. This changing mat saves the issue with its non-slip surface…so even the wiggliest little ones will be safe! This mat is made with non-toxic material to keep your little one free from dangerous chemicals.

D. MASH Bowl & Spoon Kit

 The kit includes a bowl with radiating circular ridges and a flat-bottom spoon to easily mash and feed your baby fresh mashed veggies or fruit right from the bowl. The bowl is designed with a soft corner tab for a comfortable grip for you and the interior lip helps to deliver the perfect spoonful each and every time. 

E. Zoli Baby BOT Sippy Cup

Transitioning from bottle to cup can be a rough go for some babies. The BOT Sippy Cup really makes things easier, for moms and little ones! This BPA-free cup features a weighted ball so the straw can reach the liquid, no matter how the cup is being held. This means no fussy, thirsty babies! The double handles make it easier for children to drink every drop too!

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