‘General Hospital’ News: Michelle Stafford Proud Mom – Shares Photos Of Jameson And Natalia

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 5.57.06 PM“General Hospital” Michelle Stafford [Nina Clay] is a very proud mom and has shared several photos of her daughter Natalia Stafford  and son Jameson Stafford on social media. One montage Michelle shared captures the true moment in the life of a single mom.

For about a week or so Michelle has been sharing photos of Jameson and Natalia on Instagram. Michelle’s baby boy and little girl are growing up fast! “GH” viewers love when Michelle shares photos and her children are absolutely adorable.

The most recent photo Michelle Stafford posted is Natalia dressed in a blue dress, her hair up and she is looking into a mirror. Natalia’s back is to the camera and you can see her shadowed profile in the mirror. The pic is captioned simply, “#nataliascoutlee.” 

💖 #nataliascoutlee

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A couple of days before that photo Michelle posted a snapshot of Jameson and Natalia lying on a bed, both dressed in blue, and they appear to be having a conversation. The pic is captioned,” Wha cha think they’re talkin about…? How they have the most gorgeous, talented, gifted, extraordinary, intelligent, beautiful, courageous, classy, and clearly confident… Mother? Just a thought.

A montage photo of Michelle with Jameson and Natalia was posted about a week ago, but this one is perhaps the best. It shows Michelle in three shots with her beautiful children. The caption says it all, “So, I wanted to share a true moment in the life of a single momma here… Picture one, my son with constant drool and barf and my daughter about to lose it, if you look close I think I’m almost cross-eyed. Second pic, now my daughter is losing her mind Jameson still drooling… Me… Numb. But at the end… LOVE always love. We’re small but mighty. #myposse #mytribe #luckyluckygal #doingitasasinglechick #jamesonjoneslee #veg2016.”

Michelle Stafford may have her hands full with constant drool and barf and tantrums, but being a mom suits her – it’s her best role yet.