Simple Valentine’s Day Decorations For Kids

Simple Valentine's Day Decorations For Kids

If you are planning an at home celebration of Valentine’s Day with your family, then these Simple Valentine’s Day Decorations For Kids will come I handy. Not only are they cost effective, they will convey the message of love and fun you want to associate with this day.  Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance, but love for everyone.  Making sure your kids feel loved and have fun is a big part of Valentin’s Day celebrations.   


Use food coloring in foods.  It’s super easy to add a few drops of red food coloring to everything from milk and pancake batter, to mashed potatoes.  Brightly colored foods can really bring the theme together for Valentine’s Day. 

Cut food into heart shapes.  Using cookie cutters as molds you can make heart shaped eggs, sandwiches, fruit and more.  This is super fun for eating as finger food and dipping in sauces, salad dressings and dips. 

Simple paper construction paper hearts hanging from the ceiling.  Grab your pink, white and red construction or craft paper and make simple hearts.  Write love notes on them and leave at their place settings, or hole punch them and hang them from the ceiling.  Cheap, easy and fun they pull together the Valentine’s Day decorations or kids theme you want. 

Use red, pink and white candles throughout the house.  You probably already have red, white and pink candles in your home.  Now is the time to make those your centerpiece and draw attention to their color.  Use simple costume jewelry red or silver beads to wrap around the candle holders for a bit of color and sparkle.  

Leave notes on their mirror in lipstick.  Grab a $1 tube of bright red lipstick at your local discount store and use it to write love notes on your mirrors to the kids. 

Creating a perfect day of love for your family starts with these simple Valentine’s Day decorations for kids.  Not only will these be easy for you to pull together, they will thrill your kids. Showing love for your family is easy when you plan ahead with a few simple additions to their days. 

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