Snuza Go! Baby Monitor (Expectant Mom Gift Guide)

Snuza Go! Baby Monitor (Expectant Mom Gift Guide)

As a new parent to my four year old, Ava, I remember checking on her every five minutes just to ensure she was breathing. I think this is a normal thing for every new and veteran parent. You make sure you lay them in their crib just right and make sure there’s nothing around their face. After all of that, some parents still go to bed worried that their child may not be okay. That parent is me! I’m expecting twins here in a few short months and I do not want to worry one bit.

Snuza Go! Baby Monitor (Expectant Mom Gift Guide)

That’s why I have added the the Snuza Go! Baby Monitor to Celeb Baby Laundry’s Expectant Mom Gift Guide. It is going to be so helpful in keeping my peace of mind! This is unlike any baby monitor we’ve ever had in our home. It is a baby monitor that actually clips onto the baby’s diaper, it helps ensure that normal abdominal movement is happening with your baby. And if there’s no movement happening for 15 seconds, the baby monitor actually sets off an alarm.

Snuza Go! Baby Monitor (Expectant Mom Gift Guide)I think what I’m most excited about with the Snuza Go! Baby Monitor is that it is super easy to use. It’s small and lightweight and there are no cables and wires. I have spent many hours of frustration trying to put other baby monitors together that ended up not working for us anyways. I’m more than ecstatic to use the Snuza Go! Baby Monitor, which is the lightest and most portable baby monitor on the market.

Let’s say you lay your baby down for a nap and her movement falls, you will get an alert after 15, 18, or 20 seconds of no movement. The alarm is audible, so you won’t miss it. You can run into where your baby is laying and make sure he/she is okay. I’d rather be alerted than not when something doesn’t seem right any day of the week. Obviously I cannot physically stare at my babies the whole time they nap, so it only makes sense to use a well trusted brand like the Snuza Go! Baby Monitor to help me keep things in check.            

Snuza Portable Baby Monitors have been helping parents for years and they’re a leader in bio-sensory electronic devices. I’m glad that Snuza will be an everyday part of our parenting. With their vast knowledge of baby safety products, I know our baby girls will be in good hands.

To learn more about Snuza visit the company’s official website. You can purchase the baby monitor at your   local retailer or online at Buy Buy Baby, and Amazon

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