5 Ways Your Kids Can Communicate with Santa Claus

 5 Ways Your Kids Can Communicate with Santa Claus

I think every kids dream and favorite part of the holiday season is the fact that they get to see Santa Claus and possibly even meet him! With all of the wonderful technology that we have out there, there are a ton of great ways that your kiddos can actually communicate with Santa Claus to tell them all of their Christmas wishes and what they would like to find under the tree for Christmas that year. Here are five different ways  that your children can actually communicate with Mr. Claus:

1. Send a Letter: Every kid loves to write a letter to Santa Claus to tell him what they want for Christmas this year. As parents it is our duty to get that letter to the big man for our children! Now you can officially do that. If you go to Santaclaushouse.com they will provide you with a proper address to send your letter to Santa too.

2. Email Santa: Technology is a big part of our world today, so if you do not want to send a physical letter to Santa, you are able to send him an email as well. If you visit emailsanta.com you will be able to send that email directly to Santa himself! 

3. Make a Phone Call: You can also call Santa’s personal phone line and get a special Christmas message from him! Just call 951-262-3062 and hear from Mr. Claus in an instant. Trust me, this will definitely make your kids day and will get them in the holiday spirit for Christmas.

4. Chat Online with Santa: Chatting online is so common these days and it doesn’t stop at chatting with Santa as well! Grab your kiddos and visit santabot.com to talk to Santa in an instant! You can talk to him and say whatever you would like and get instant responses right away.

5. Visit Him in Person: Of course you could always just visit Santa in person as well. He is always available during the holiday season at various places including the mall, and various stores and restaurants.

I think it really is awesome that kids are actually able to talk to Santa Claus these days and get a response. It just really helps to keep the magic of Santa Claus and Christmas alive for them. This makes for a very magical and happy childhood for them.

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