Fall Cooking Activities to do with Your Kids

Fall Cooking Activities to do with Your Kids

Cooking with your kids is one of those fun and unforgettable activities you can do with your kids. Fall cooking is even more fun because there are so many options. Check out these fall cooking activities to do with your kids this fall.

Make Pumpkin Pie Together

It’s nearly impossible to run into someone who doesn’t love pumpkin pie. Making pumpkin pie with your kids is something they’ll never forget. If your family isn’t big on Pumpkin pie, then consider making a Pumpkin Rollup, muffins, or pumpkin bread. 

Fall Trail Mix

The funny thing about trail mix is that there’s no right or wrong to making it. You can make traditional trail mix with your kids or you can create your very own trail mix. Use items like M&Ms, gold fish, pretzels, and anything else your kids’ heart’s desire. Trail mix is the perfect fall cooking activity because it doesn’t require actual cooking and is simple for kids to do. 

Campfire Recipes

If your family is like other families during the fall months, bonfires are something that happens quite frequently. Make S’mores with your kids, roast hotdogs, and come up with other fun recipes to make over a fire together. Campfire recipes are a great cooking activity to do with the kids because it’s simple and doesn’t require a lot of time. 

Berry Picking

Picking berries is something you can do through the summer and into the fall. After the berries are picked you can make a variety of fall recipes like pies, cakes, and so on. Berry picking is one of those fall activities that truly becomes a tradition. Try apple picking too! Your kids will love creating the next two delicious fall recipes with you. 

Candied Apples

Your kids will love making candied applies with you this fall and it’s actually pretty simple. Use this recipe to dive into making this recipe with your kids this fall. 

Caramel Apples

Just like Candied Apples are amazing, so are caramel apples. Kids will also love making these amazing applies with you this fall. It’s as simple as dipping apples into caramel and then dipping them into something delicious like nuts or your favorite pieces of chocolate. It’s easy to get creative with something as delicious as caramel apples. 

As you can see, there is so much to do in the fall, cooking wise, with your kids! Pick out a few of these activities and try them this fall, you won’t regret it.