Tips for Making a Hotel Safer for Kids

Tips for Making a Hotel Safer for Kids

Getting to your hotel after traveling for a long period of time feels like pure bliss. However, most hotels are not made to accommodate families with little ones. Once you get to the hotel room, there may be some adjustments you need to make. Here are 7 tips for making a hotel safer for kids.

Move the Cords

One of the first things you should do when you enter a hotel room is move the cords. There are two cords in hotel rooms that come with concern, one being the cord dangling from the blinds and the other being the telephone cord. (You can also move items like an alarm clock and lamps that have cords).

Remove Sharp Objects

No one expects to find a sharp object in their bed or on the floor of a hotel room, but it can happen. Make sure you watch out for glass, needles, or anything else sharp that a child could easily find.

Put Glass Objects Up High

When you first walk into a hotel room, you will notice that there are glasses in the bathroom and on the table top. Put glasses up as high as you can to keep kids from touching or accidently breaking them.

Excess Bedding

Hotel beds come with a lot of bedding and you can make the hotel safer for your kids by removing some of the bedding. Feel free to bring your own blankets (appropriate for your child’s size) and use that instead of what the hotel room provides.            .

Make Sure Doors Lock

If there’s a balcony in your hotel room, you will want to make sure the doors lock. If there is a possibility of having a child gate put up or a child proof lock put on, you may want to ask the front desk. This could pose a risk when you head to the bathroom, but your little ones decide they want to take a little adventure.

Pool is Properly Gated

One of the most dangerous places for kids in a hotel room is the pool. Take a quick walk down to the pool to ensure it is properly gated. You don’t want your child taking a field trip down to the hotel pool without your knowledge.

Cover Outlets

If you have really little ones, you may want to bring your own outlet covers. Little fingers like to find electrical outlets, as you may know! If all else fails, pack duct tape and use that as a make shift way to cover outlets in the hotel room.

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