Tips For Making Morning Routines Easier

 Tips For Making Morning Routines

For moms juggling work, kids in school and family responsibilities these Tips For Making Morning Routines Easier will help tremendously. From getting up on time to out the door with everything they need, every mom struggles at some point or another.  Put these tips in place to make sure your morning routine is easier and more productive. 


Prep clothing on Sunday nights. One of the best ways to make the most of morning routines is to prep kids clothing for the week on Sunday nights.  Go through and choose 5 outfits and have them sorted, separated for them to grab and put on easily each morning.  You can even invest in one of the cute daily clothing organizers to hang in their closet to make this easier.  No more fighting over what to wear. 

Set a night and morning bathroom schedule.  If you have multiple people in the home who need a bath or shower each day, set a schedule.  Younger kids usually can do bath time at night allowing adults and teens who may have more to do in the bathroom to get ready the morning bathroom spots.  

Make lunches the night before.  You can prep things like snacks and treats on the weekends, but assemble lunches the night before so you only have to grab and go in the mornings.  Create a snack bin that your kids can grab their favorite snack or treat from each morning to add to the lunches as a way to get them involved and make it easier. 

Go to bed earlier.  One quick way to make morning routines easier is to get more rest.  If you find your kids fighting or being grumpy in the morning, establish an earlier bedtime.  Sometimes even just an extra half hour to hour of sleep can make a huge difference. 

Give fewer options.  This applies to breakfast, making lunches and what to wear.  Giving them fewer options to choose from will go a long way toward making morning routines easier to handle.  You can provide your kids and even yourself with an easy morning routine by streamlining things to make them easier to manage. 

These tips for making morning routines easier are sure to help you manage your time better.  Not only will you be walking out the door with confidence you didn’t forget anything, you’ll be able to do so relaxed and no longer in that mad rush to make it to work on time.