Floating Baby Spa in Texas

Float Baby, the first baby spa in the US, located in Houston, Texas, America - Aug 2014Thanks to the people at Float Baby Spa in Houston Texas, now your tiny tots too can unwind at the spa. 

The premium spa is set to pamper all non-adults from 2 weeks to 8 months old in a 25 minute hydrotherapy session and full-body mini massage. 

Supportive rubber rings worn around their necks along with waterproof nappies allow the wee ones to paddle freely before parents are guided through a gentle baby massage. 

The hour long experience goes for about $65. 

The concept of the baby spa is not new – but they are becoming more popular as mothers claim that the experience helps their children to sleep. 

Kristi Ison opened the spa in her home in October last year but it was so popular that by February she had opened commercial premises and now has 300 clients. She is now planning to open 10 more franchises across the US in 2015. She said:

Parents across the board tell me how much stronger their babies are and how alert they are and how soundly they’re sleeping and how much better they are eating.

One mother who takes her 6 month old several times a week, explained that despite the expense, it is a price she is willing to pay:

Certainly not everyone could afford it. I’m lucky enough to be able to do it. For me, how calm she is has been worth all the money in the world. As an adult, I love to go to the spa. Why don’t we teach our kids to enjoy serene environments more? We stick them in chaotic environments like daycare or music class. Why not teach them to unwind.