Mom’s Beautiful Photo Collection of One-Handed Daughter Gives Hope


A mother’s  stunning photo series of her one-handed daughter is sparking hope  across the internet.

Holly Spring, the New Zealand based photographer used a combination of whimsical scenery and a blend of digital photography and art to capture her daughter Violet in the inspiring photo series. 

4 year-old Violet suffers from Hirschsprung’s Disease and is missing her left hand. Holly wanted to show her daughter, who she refers to as her “heart” and her “muse”, that with a little self-belief, there are no limits to what she can achieve. 

Shortly after birth, Violet faced life-threatening complications. Holly says that it was then that she understand the value in capturing precious moments. She explains:

I realized I would have had no decent quality memories of her after that [possible death]. So my husband bought me a camera, a DSLR, and from that point on I started shooting her growing, and going from strength to strength.

The locations and settings of the pictures are beautiful, and Holly explains that each snap hold special meaning:

These locations are places that we have spent as a family around the country, places that evoke memories and wonderful times.  


Receiving attention from photographers and art critics, Holly explains that Violet is a big fan of the project too.

She loves them. Just like the stories we read her at night, these are a way to enrich her imagination. She sees the beauty in everything around her. Violet loves her ‘Lament the Sea,’ where she is coming out of the waves. I think she likes it because she is actually singing in the shot, and the colour palette is so soft and pretty. 


The project also brought the family together and its power is in its lasting message. Holly says: 

For both of us, it was first and foremost a way for us to bond. For Violet, I hope that she sees herself open to endless possibilities in the future. 

The positive mother also has some advice for parents. On Facebook, she wrote:

Always find time to bring out the best in your kids. Make it fun for them and they will reward you with the most amazing moments!

You can check out the rest of the pics on Holly’s Facebook page here.