10 Reasons to Read to Your Child Early

10 Reasons to Read to Your Child Early

Reading makes the world go ‘round. It’s one of the most important things a person can learn in life. That’s why reading to your child at a young age is so important. Here are ten reasons to read to your child early.

1. It’s a Life Skill

No one is ever too young to be read to. Reading to your child and having your child read to you is preparing them for something amazing in life.

2. Prepares Them for Kindergarten

No matter how early you start reading to your child, you are preparing them for Kindergarten. Kindergartners have so much to learn and starting early never hurts. Nowadays most kids are reading before they actually end their kindergarten year. Reading to your child early is going to help them for the rest of their life.

3. Reading to Them Helps Them Learn to Read

I know the concept is beyond our minds, but reading to your child helps them learn to read later on down the road. Reading to them early opens their minds up to letters, sounds, and new words.

4. Feeds the Brain

There is really no better way to put the impact reading to your child early has on the brain. Your child is learning so much at this age that reading to them helps make their brain process everything so much easier. Reading is like exercise to the brain, never forget that.

5. It Develops a Passion for Reading

Reading later in life is one thing, but having passion for reading is another. If your child is going to be reading, you want them to enjoy it. How beautiful to see your child sitting down and reading a book. You won’t ever regret the decision to read to your child early.

6. A Bigger Vocabulary

One reason to read early to your child is to help them develop a bigger vocabulary. This isn’t so your child can go to college at the age of 12, but so they can communicate with you a lot better. Life’s a lot easier when you can talk to and understand your child.

7. Understanding Life Better

Reading early to your child can help them understand important concepts in life. They may start to recognize warning labels that could possibly save their life (this example is extreme, but you get the idea).

8. Creates a Bond

Reading to your child early helps you to create a special bond with them. If you love bonding with your child, then that is a great reason to start reading, like right now.

9. Reading is Inexpensive

Why should you spend a lot of money just to spend time with your kids? Reading to your child at an early age is a great inexpensive activity to do with them.

10. Grammar Skills

It’s true that there are adults out there who have no grammar skills. Help your child learn the value of grammar and sentence structuring by starting to read to them early.

You just cannot go wrong when it comes to reading to your child. Would you add any reasons to this list?