Crafting For Young Children: Toilet Paper Owl

Crafting For Young Children: Toilet Paper Owl

Would you like to do something different for arts and crafts? Consider making this Owl made out of a recycable toilet paper roll and cupcake liners. It’s easy to make and the materials used are ones you already have laying around the house. Grab the kiddos and get started on this awesome Owl Craft!

This is a great craft for helping little ones with their fine motor skills. They use skills like cutting, drawing, and coloring and the outcome is something they will love!

Are you ready to get started?


1 toilet paper roll
Cupcake liners (plain or decorated)
White paper
Black Marker

How To

1. Take a toilet paper roll and fold down the middle part to make the ears to the owl. I had to squeeze down a bit to make the ears a little more prominent.


2. Take tape to the middle of the owl to make sure the ears stuck out as much as possible.

3. Take one cupcake liner and cut it into fours. Decorate each line as you would like. At this point in the craft you can also cut up already printed on cupcake liners to use.


4. Take the four pieces of cupcake liner and place them on the toilet paper roll. One layer after another. Use tape to hold the layers in place.

5. For the owl wings, cut one cupcake liner in half. Decorate as you wish, and then glue the wings onto the back of the owl.

6. Cut out two large round eyeballs for the owl. Create little black circles in the middle of the eyes.

7. Tape eyes right below the start of the ears and overlap them just a little bit.

8. Place your owl on a tree or somewhere in the house where you can enjoy him or her on a daily basis.


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