Valentine’s Day Heart Butterflies Craft

From cards to chocolates, Valentine’s Day can be just as fun for kids as adults! The day of love also comes with a whole bunch of fun crafts children can enjoy making. These butterflies with heart-shaped wings are not only cute, but simple to make for kids of all ages.  All the supplies can be found at your local dollar store or Michael’s. 


Pink and light pink cardstock 
Black and white pipe cleaners
Fuzzy Pom-pom balls
Googly eyes
Hot glue/ hot glue gun
Dannon Danimals or any drinkable yogurt (cleaned)


1. Lay your yogurt onto a piece of cardstock, setting the lip of the drink onto the top of the paper, then draw a line across the bottom 

2. Now cut your rectangle out 

3. Cut out a large heart from a different color piece of cardstock 

4. Hot glue your rectangle shaped paper around your yogurt 

5. Now hot glue the heart into the back of the yogurt 

6. Form your pipe cleaners into a V, wrapping each side around a pencil then sliding the pencil out to make curls

7. Hot glue your pom-pom balls to the top of your pipe cleaner curls

8. Then hot glue the bottom of the V to the back of your butterfly

9. Hot glue your eyes on to the front of the butterfly

10. Now you can draw on a face and your butterfly will be complete!


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