Proclivity Parenting

parentingIt’s a new year which should mean you’re a new parent. As parent’s we tend to fall into proclivity parenting. We make our choices and the way we parent our habits.

It’s time to change the way you parent. It’s time to kick your old habit of parenting and start fresh. Your parenting proclivities need to change.

There are seven parenting proclivities parents need to change. These old habits are harmful not only to your child, but to you as a parent. You may not even realize you have these proclivities, but most parents have them.

1. Discouragement

2. Discombobulated

3. Disinterest

4. Discord

5. Discontent

6. Discourteousness

7. Disappreciation

These are dangerous proclivities in parenting. You are giving your bad habits to your child. In the new year you have to learn to be a new parent. You have to replace the bad proclivities with good habits.

The first thing you have to do is change the way you parent. Take the old proclivities are turn them into positive habits.

Your old habits can be dangerous to your child. If you are constantly in the dising state then your child will not believe in themselves. They will become dysfunctional and negative.

You have to turn the bad into the good. Turn the negatives into positives by changing your parenting proclivities.

Instead of discouraging your child encourage no matter the circumstance.

When you feel discombobulated find a way to renew your energy.

If you become disinterested in what you child is doing find a reason to have enthusiasm.

Discord can cause a rift in your relationship with your child. You have to show empathy toward your child.

It’s easy to get lost and unhappy as a parent. You can become discontent. You’re not only hurting yourself, but your child.  In parenting you have to be of good humor. Humor can fix anything.

No parent wants a rude child, but sometimes children learn from parents how to behave. If one of your parenting proclivities is discourteousness then that’s how your child will act. As a parent you have to learn graciousness. You have to learn bite your tongue.

If your child is never happy or satisfied whose vault is it? If you carry around the habit of  disappreciation then your child will pick it up. If you always complain even about the little things so will your child. You need a big dose of gratitude. This good habit goes a long way.

If your parenting habits have become negative proclivities it’s time for a positive change.