Ivanka Trump on Motherhood: “I Feel Like I am Now a Pro!”

Ivanka Trump Brings Her New Baby Home

Ivanka Trump admits her way of thinking has changed since welcoming her second child, Joseph three-months-ago.

“I have to compartmentalize everything now,” Trump told People at the Trump Invitational Grand Prix charity event held at her family’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach on Sunday. “I try and think of ways to connect things.”

Although, the daughter of Donald Trump fells the experience of raising her 3-year-old daughter Arabella Rose helped make her less nervous to raise a baby this time around.

“I was more nervous about how I would deal with Arabella than I have been with Joseph,” Trump shares. “Now I am familiar with timing and balance as well as bathing, diapers and how to hold a baby without fear of an accident. I feel like I am now a pro!”

Married to Jared Kushner since 2009, Trump insists he is “the best father,” and despite there busy schedules they make time to do lots of family activities.

“We love to go on adventures and play games and pick leaves,” she continues.”We do things together as a family. And it’s so cute to watch Arabella hold her baby brother — she is very protective.”

Trump is currently busy redesigning the interiors of the Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami.