Parental Attitude

Do you have what it takes to be a parent? Most of us do, but sometimes we fall short of parental attitude. You may be a good parent, but what makes you a great parent? It’s your attitude!

It’s not impossible or improbable to have a great parental attitude. It only takes three motivational factors: don’t back down, don’t give in, and don’t give up.

Don’t back down: Parenting has changed in the last forty years and so has the makeup of parents. Parent’s from the seventies and eighties were a lot different than today’s parents. In the past, parent’s had a lax attitude about parenting. Children did what they wanted and got away with it. One thing that hasn’t changed is kids. They are still the same and today’s parent’s can’t back down. You have to have the attitude of a super hero. You can’t show fear. Once you let your child run over you, it’s the end of any parenting strong-hold you have. Don’t back down. You’re the parent and have to stand your ground. Be firm, strong, and determined.

Don’t give in: Kids will do anything to get you to give into their every whim. They’ll throw tantrums, run away, or become unruly. As a parent you have to have the attitude of  the president. You can’t give into your child’s demands. Remember you are in charge. Even though your house may run like a democracy, you are still the president. Their has to be rules. Your child has to obey your rules. Be brave, calm, and grounded.

Don’t give up: Parenting is a tough job and there will be days you want to throw in the towel. Kids can and will drive you crazy. You have to have the attitude of a saint. You can’t give up.  There is no manual that can prepare you for parenthood. It’s a learn as you go job. There is no on the job training. You will make mistakes, but you can’t quit. Don’t worry about the mistakes, you’ll learn from them. Be willing, ready, and able.

Your parental attitude is what determines the type of parent you are or will be. It’s who you are as a parent. It’s what your kids will learn from. You can choose to have a positive parental attitude or negative. The decision is only yours. Don’t blow it!