Britney Spears: Pregnancy Sex Is Awesome!

Britney Spears at The 102.7 KIIS FM's Wango Tango 2013 in LA

Well well, if we didn’t know it before, Britney Spears just announced it to the world. I thought this was a secret pregnant woman were supposed to keep to themselves, eh? In an interview for January 2014’s edition of InStyle magazine Spears decided not to take any contours and be the straight up gal that she’s shown she can be. Isn’t Britney at her best when she shoots right from the heart? Indeed, but she also had some positive words of encouragement for… dumdumdum… Kim Kardashian, the one and only!

“I was like, ‘Bless her heart,’ because I remember that time … That should be the time when your body is most treasured. I loved being pregnant for so many reasons, not to mention the sex is awesome then.” Awesome indeed Britney, but did we really need to know that? Maybe not, but thanks for sharing anyways!

Does Britney Spears understand that there is a gap as big as the Atlantic ocean between the kind of person she is and the kind of ____ (insert appropriate word, to your liking) that Kim Kardashian is? I mean, we all know Britney loved her pregnancy and loves her kids very much, but can we say the same for Kim Kardashian? I’m not quite sure we can, as it’s pretty obvious Kim thought North West was her meal ticket for eternity and is now unhappy as that has backfired.

The pop icon has a Las Vegas gig coming up and has toned up quite a bit for her role. Kim Kardashian would of just got more butt implants. Spears is also brutally in touch with the realities that her industry demands out of her.

“In this business, you make a deal with the devil … what I do calls for me to look good. People expect that. I kind of take it as my job.” said a blunt Spears. “When I was younger, I cared a lot more about what I wore,” she added. “But the older you get, the more you think about what’s easy and comfortable. And, as a mom, I’m a little bit more conservative.”

Echoing words from one of the industry’s best. If Britney Spears made a deal with the devil, just who exactly did the Kardashian caravan make a deal with?!

Harrowing thoughts.

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