How to Keep Lice Away

It’s back to school time and that means much more than homework. It also means lice time.

No parent wants their child to come home with that dreaded note from school. If you have school age kids it’s going to happen.  They’re going to get lice.

As a parent, I don’t want to use over the counter chemicals on my child’s head. I prefer to use natural remedies; such as tree tea oil or mayonnaise. Both methods work well, but if you really want to get rid of lice then you need to use my formula for prevention. Also, keep a gallon of apple cider vinegar in the cupboard.

The easiest way to remember it’s lice season is the acronym L.I.C.E.

Look: Look for telltale signs. Scratching constantly or redness behind the ears and nape of the neck are signs your child may have lice.

Inspect: If you suspect your child has lice, inspect his or her hair thoroughly.  The easiest way to spot nits or lice is to wash your child’s hair first and gently rub with a white towel.

Control: If your child has lice you have to control the problem before it spreads. Lice like to jump from head to head. If you don’t stop lice at the source, you’ll have to treat everyone in your house. Don’t let your family share brushes or combs. Don’t let the infected child use the same towels. Until you can treat, you will have to quarantine the infested child. You have to take control of lice or the parasites will control you.

Eliminate: If your child comes home infested, you have to eliminate the problem quickly. Treat his or her hair and scalp with a natural remedy, then rinse with apple cider vinegar. Wash all bedding in hot water with a borax type detergent and apple cider vinegar. Vacuum or steam clean all your carpets. You may also want to wash your mattresses with disinfectant.

These steps are simple to implement and easy to use. The only thing you or your child should be worried about during the school year is whether they complete their homework.