How to Train Your Two Year Old to Go Potty


Most kids go through the terrible twos, which can be a parenting nightmare. With a few tricks parents can have a terrific kid instead. Two can be a difficult age. Your child begins to exert their independence, but at the same time want to throw temper tantrums.

Of the many challenges facing parents and toddlers are the training phases.

Let’s start with the number one cause for alarm when training your two year old: potty training.

Potty training; two dreaded words in a two year old’s vocabulary. If you want to succeed in this area then it’s time to incorporate potty training boot camp. What is potty training boot camp?

Potty training boot camp is based on two parenting principles. If you want to train your two year old to go potty in the toilet, then you need to be consistent and patient. During the potty training phase, patients is worn thin and consistency is no where to be found.

Your two year old will whine and wet their pants a hundred times a day, but parent’s do give in or give up. IT CAN BE DONE! You can train your two year old to go potty.

Be consistent: You have to have a daily routine. Two year old’s aren’t good at holding their bladder or bowels. When I begin to train my two year old, we went to the bathroom every hour. Seriously, you don’t have to sit them on the potty every hour, but every two hours is a safe bet, until they learn the potty routine.

Be patient: You have to be patient with your two year old. Potty training is not an overnight success. It may take weeks or even a year before your toddler is fully trained. The rule of thumb for parents is don’t scream, don’t demand, and don’t coerce. Toddlers know what you’re up to and they will shut down and the temper tantrums will return. Teach your two year old the potty is their friend.

You can also make up potty training games. When my toddler was learning to go potty, we’d pretend he was the king of the throne. You  have to remember little girls are easier to train than little boys, so be creative and imaginative.

There is a light at the end of potty training boot camp. Your child will be potty trained. Just be consistent and patient. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your toddler.