Our Lazy Weekend: Planning A Trip With Our 6 Month Old Baby

Our Lazy Weekend: Planning A Trip With Our 6 Month Old Baby

Ever have one of those weekends where you do absolutely nothing? Well, that was this past weekend for us. Baby C just got his vaccinations and might possibly be going through another growth spurt so we took advantage of his extra long naps and caught up on some zzzz’s too!

We have a busy May ahead with baby showers, birthdays and traveling so we left the cleaning, laundry, and dishes and just relaxed. Sometimes I wish I had a nanny, housecleaner and personal assistant but that’s what mommies are for right?!?!

We will be visiting my husband’s family in a couple of weeks which means the second airplane trip for Baby C since he’s been born. The first was at 5 weeks and he did great.  We just gave him a pacifier for take off and landing and he slept during the hour and a half flight. I’m hoping this trip goes just as smoothly. My husband and I are a little nervous because he is a bit more fussy than he was at 5 weeks and I’m hoping he doesn’t cry or scream on the plane. I don’t want to be “those people”!

Well, I called ahead and it’s not a full flight so hopefully we will have a row to ourselves.  My husband’s family has a car seat and crib for us when we get there so we are thinking about not bringing the car seat for the plane.  It was quite bulky so we are considering just carrying him in the Ergobaby through the airport and security.

Besides the basics, like pacifier, toys, teether and books, are there any other essentials I need for a 6 month old? Any travel tips for an infant this age? Any readers wore their baby at the airport instead of bringing the car seat and stroller?