10 Summer Fun Safety Tips

10 Summer Fun Safety Tips

Summertime means kids are home from school and your lives are full of day trips, vacations, trips to the beach and more. Surviving the summer can be easy as long as you apply these 10 Summer Fun Safety Tips. Summer can be one of the best times of the year for creating memories, but safety is first to keep those memories good ones.

• ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN. Even when the clouds or out and it looks overcast, the sun is often hiding. Never send the kids out to play or head outside for any period of time without sunscreen. Just a little burn can do a lot of damage to their skin now and in the future.

• CHECK FOR TICKS. Even if you don’t have pets or don’t live in a wooded area, ticks may still exist near your home. Be prudent in your daily check of your kids and yourself for ticks. One bite can potentially lead to Lyme’s Disease which in some cases can be fatal.

• ALWAYS BE AWARE AROUND WATER. Whether it is your pool, the lake, a beach or the community water park always be aware of your children near water. It only takes a few seconds and less than an inch of water for a drowning to occur.

• WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR. Kids will be out on bikes, skateboards, roller skates and more during summer months. Always make sure that they are properly equipped with helmets and other elbow or knee pads as needed. Safety far outweighs fashion.

• STAY HYDRATED. Dehydration is one of the most prevalent illnesses during summer months. The heat and sun can quickly cause a person to become severely dehydrated. Avoid sugar juices and soft drinks. Instead keep fresh water or fruit flavored/infused waters on hand at all times, and encourage your children to sip throughout the day.

• WEAR LIFE VESTS WHEN ON A BOAT. Even if you or your children are strong swimmers, most states have laws that require you to wear a safety vest when on a boat and moving. Even when not moving, the depth of lakes and oceans is a good reason to be super cautious and make sure your children are always safe.

• KNOW WHERE THEY ARE. Summer often means that kids are spending time with neighborhood kids or friends away from your house. Make sure to keep open communication and set boundaries of how far and with whom they can go. Have check ins at specific times or give them a phone they can have on hand in case you need to get in touch with them quickly.

• PRACTICE FIREWORK SAFETY. Make sure that kids are out of the way and only adults are lighting fireworks at appropriate times on the holidays. Burn injuries from children playing with fireworks are common in summer months. Make sure your child is not one of them.

• KEEP FOOD CHILLED. Picnics out in the park are so much fun in warmer temperatures, but food poisoning can be a huge risk. Make sure all food for picnics, backyard bbq’s and more are kept at appropriate temperatures. Pack picnics in coolers with ice and proper storage techniques.

• PREVENT HEAT STROKE OR SUN STROKE. Warmer temperatures and high humidity are a disaster waiting to happen for kids and adults alike. Playing out doors should be limited to early morning and late evening hours when temperatures are at their lowest and the sun is not directly above. Play time should be limited to shorter increments with plenty of cool off time to rehydrate, cool down and let your body adjust to the heat outside.

Following these summer fun safety tips will keep you on a path toward a great summer with your kids. Use common sense and always be aware of surroundings and what your children are doing to protect them and yourself. Spend quality time talking to them and teaching them about safety, so they too will understand the need to protect themselves.