Throwback Thursday: Looking Back At The Past Year

Throwback Thursday: Looking Back At The Past Year

It was about a year ago that we found out we were expecting a baby! After a couple of late periods, I was ecstatic when the test finally said “YES”!  I am so lucky to have had a healthy pregnancy, great support system, loving husband and happy baby!

Looking back at the past year, our lives have really changed…no more late nights out, watching tv when we want to, vegging out on the weekends, and eating slowly or having time to chew your food. But I would give all that stuff up in a heartbeat for our little boy.

It’s incredible to think that just a year ago Baby C was growing in my belly.  In retrospect 10 months really flew by but, at the time the four months of morning sickness and 100 degree summers made it feel so much longer. The morning sickness was the worst…nausea and vomiting. I pretty much projectile vomited everywhere…once on the dog, on myself, in the car…you name it and it happened.  The preggie pops seemed to work and always carrying a few plastic bags for “accidents” helped. Luckily, the nausea went away and my belly finally started growing at 6 months. I was so thrilled when my belly actually started growing. Before that, I would drive my husband crazy asking if I got bigger while trying to push out my belly. Even though I felt the fluttering a couple months before my husband finally felt him kick for the first when we were in Japan on our babymoon.  I don’t know what it was but the Orange Fanta in Japan made Baby C flip and turn like crazy. We went on two amazing babymoons to Japan and Hawaii. We had a great time and so glad that we took some time for us before Baby C arrived.

We couldn’t have asked for a happier baby. It is incredible to watch Baby C grow and learn every day. My favorite part is watching him do something new. He is starting to push his legs more during time tummy time…I think he might be crawling soon! Eek! He’s growing up too fast!

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