How to Make Baby’s 1st Christmas Special

Do you have a newborn baby that will be celebrating their very first Christmas this year?! This is such an exciting milestone for your baby and definitely a day that you won’t ever forget! Although your baby obviously won’t remember their very first Christmas, you as a parent can still make it a special day for them to enjoy that day and it will be memorable for you. Here are a few tips and tricks for making your baby’s first Christmas special.
First Christmas Ornament: You can do this up as small or as big as you want, whether that be getting a general “baby’s first Christmas”, getting a personalized ornament, or even a DIY ornament. This is just a great way to make a memory of their first Christmas and you can hang it on the tree for all the years to follow. 

Have a Real Santa Claus Come: If you can, make Christmas real for them. Have a family member dress up, or even hire an actor to come in dressed as Santa Claus and let your baby meet them for Christmas. This will make a great time for your baby and not to mention will help when it comes to your baby used to Santa and seeing a big character! 

Allow them to Open Their Presents: Depending on how young your baby is, they may or may not be able to open up their presents. With your help, I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time ripping the presents open.

Make it a Big Deal: It’s your baby’s first Christmas! Do it up big and make a big deal about it! If your baby sees you all excited and happy about Christmas, they will be excited and you will see a big smile on their face. Make sure that you really do make it exciting and all about them.

Dress Them Up/Take Pictures: Nothing is cuter than a baby dressed up?! Dress up your babies as a little elf or even a baby Rudolph! Be sure to take a BUNCH of pictures of your baby’s very first Christmas celebration! These pictures will be your lasting memories for such a big milestone in your little one’s life.

I think you really need to make your baby’s first Christmas a very memorable, and special day. It is probably the largest celebrated holiday of the year for them and their first is a really big deal. I hope these tips really help you to make your sweet baby’s first Christmas a really exciting and special day.


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