How to Be a Mom Without Losing Your Individual Self

When our babies arrive, we gain the new title of “mommy”. For many women, this is a huge milestone that separates their lives into two-time frames: pre-kids and with kids. After a while, however, it can feel like all we do is a parent. Like we have lost the individual woman we were before the little ones came along.

Below are a few ways that you can ensure you don’t lose yourself when giving your all to make sure your children are happy.

  1. Ask your partner for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for a break! Your significant other can take the baby to visit family, or older kids to see a movie. This time away from the children allows you to re-energize and feel free of responsibilities for just a bit.

  1. Enjoy your pre-kid hobbies

Bring back your favorite pastimes that you enjoyed before having your baby. This can be a great way to feel like your individual self again. Even if you can’t partake in them as much as you used to, carve out some time to do them at least once a week.

  1. Get some “me” time often

Pampering yourself during your time away from the kids is a great way to feel like more than a mom. It can really boost our confidence and mood just to do something for ourselves. It can be as simple as a 30-minute bath a few nights a week, or you can get a weekly massage or pedicure. It’s up to you have to spend your me time!

  1. Have a night out

You often see the Facebook memes for parents going to bed at 9 pm now that they have children. It may true most nights, but it’s good to get out and have fun too! Arrange a date night with your hubby or have a girl’s night out. Whatever you do, just enjoy yourself!

  1. Plan quiet time activities for kids

If you can’t manage to get much alone time after having kids, you can still take breaks to focus on yourself. Quiet activities such as reading, watching a movie, or putting together puzzles are great for kids when mommy needs a little reboot.

  1. Join local mom groups

Odds are, there are many moms in your area that feel as though they have lost their individuality too. Meet up with these mothers often, arranging play dates if need be, so you can chat about things other than parenthood!


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