Kate Middleton’s Nine-Point Pregnancy Plan

Kate Middleton's Nine-Point Pregnancy Plan

Kate Middleton always appears to be prepared for anything and she clearly is a woman that is a fan of a good plan. According to those close to the Duchess she has put into effect a nine point pregnancy plan to help ensure that she accomplishes everything in the second half of her pregnancy.  On Kate’s list is fashion choices of course. She still has several public appearances before giving birth in July and is planing on looking her best. Kate has pulled back on some of the more rigorous exercise that she normally enjoys, but still intends to work hard to stay in decent shape. Long walks have replaced the strenuous activities, as Kate intends to whip herself back into shape as soon as possible.

Also changing is her wardrobe and insiders figure Kate will choose outfits that are comfortable but still have a bit of structure such as coat dresses. Probably near the top of the priority list is preparing the perfect nursery for the royal baby. It’s rumored that Kate is leaning towards a more Americanized style and that she’s already signed up for a few stateside gift registries! The Queen wanting Kate and Prince William to use her archaic baby furniture will likely have no effect on Kate’s ultimate choices.

Were you meticulous in planning for your baby or did you just kind of go with the flow? You can make a million plans but that doesn’t mean they’ll pan out either! Kate has already experienced this with her severe morning sickness. The baby has more control than we do!

Have you liked Kate’s style so far over these past few months? Tell us your thoughts on the Duchess’ pregnancy in the comments below!

Image credit: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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