Megan Fox Will Shy Away From Sexier Roles Now That She’s a Mom

 Megan Fox Will Shy Away From Sexier Roles Now That She's a Mom

Apparently, the arrival of her son Noah, back on September 27 really did change Megan Fox’s life and the way that she does things.  The actress absolutely gushes about life with her baby and husband, Brian Austin Green and says that motherhood is something that she has looked forward to since she was a little girl. Megan also recently admitted to The Daily Mirror that she underestimated just how hard it can be to have a newborn. She has spent the last few months in the new mommy trenches of sleep deprivation and life with a needy newborn and it has taken its’ toll on her, just as it does every other new mom out there.

The always itty bitty Megan isn’t too worried about the extra ten pounds of baby weight that she’s still carrying. She seems to be much more focused on spending her free time with Noah rather than running off to the gym. The one big change that she is ready to make though is the type of film roles that she’ll be taking from now on. She told The Mirror,It changes your perspective about being overly sexual in a role when you have a baby. I’m going to be more cautious about choosing films because I’m already thinking about when he’s in school and his friends are going to be showing him my photo shoots with me in a bikini and he’s going to be horrified!”

I have to admit, I’m kind of surprised that Megan would be thinking like this. It’s a good surprise though! She’s been known for some really edgy roles that have required a lot of skin in the past. How many new mothers think that far ahead to when their kid is in school?  I’m impressed at her willingness to revamp her career a bit. Will Hollywood let her do it though? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!