From Bottle To Sippy Cup

Ava Drinking From Her Avent Sippy Cup

My little one is drinking her milk out of a sippy cup!

Transitioning to a sippy cup was a long road for us.We started giving her a sippy cup at six-months and it took to about 11-months to find one she liked.

Believe moms when they tell you not every sippy cup brand is for every baby! I must have bought over ten different sippy cups before Ava found one she liked.  The biggest problem she had was getting the liquid out of the cups because of the spill proof design.  I even tried straw cups and she just looked at them puzzled.

Her sippy cup of choice you ask? The Philips AVENT 7oz Soft Spout Cup With Handles. The Avent is great for small babies as it has a soft spout and allows a baby to get the liquid out much easier.

So, now that we had a cup she liked the question was how do we train her to like it? The easiest way for us was to start putting water with a little bit of apple juice in the cup and give it to her at each meal. At first, she would take one sip and throw it on the ground, but after a while she started drinking more and more.

 You always here the typical unwanted giver saying to stop giving your baby a bottle at a year. In reality, I always see older babies drinking milk from bottles. So, who are these parents that have an easy time getting rid of the bottle? Certainly, not us.

Thinking it would be easy to transition because she loved drinking water and juice from the cup was a mistake! When I put her milk in the cup she looked at me like, “What are you thinking Mother!”.  Regardless of which she just didn’t want milk out of the sippy cup. So, I continued doing what I was before hoping the more the sippy cup became natural the more she would be open to drinking milk from it.

Now at almost 13-month-old Ava has decided milk in a sippy cup is not so bad. We are now in the process of only giving her a bottle for nap time and before bed.  Here’s hoping to a successful transition for a baby who absolutely adores her bottle!