AVENT Party In Chicago

Avent Breakfast - John Hancock Building View

On Friday, I attended an exclusive AVENT breakfast on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Building in Chicago.  The party was held during the Blogher conference in which I was an attendee. The view to say the least was amazing! I had a great time and was introduced to the new Comfort Breast pump and other products from the AVENT line.

I was really impressed by the look and features of the Comfort Breast Pump. This breast bump allows you to sit comfortable, with no need to lean forward. Any mom that has pumped knows how much easier this is when having to sit in one place for an extended period of time. 

Avent Comfort Breast Pump

The actual design of breast cup impressed me. The the cup comes with soft cushions that massage the breast while the machine pumps and gives awarming feeling.  The breast bump I used when I was breastfeeding my daughter, Ava did not come with this feature. It is an ingenious addition and I would definitely try the AVENT pump out for this reason. You never know, maybe in the near future 😉


Besides, the breast bump I was introduced to the AVENT natural drinking spout. At a young age, Ava would only drink from the AVENT Soft Spout Cup With Handles. No other sippy cup worked, so I was interested to learn the next step to take with her. The natural drinking spout is perfect for toddlers transitioning to a normal cup. The natural drinking spout acts like a normal cup, but without the spills. The toddler must sip rather than suck which helps enforce the move from sippy cups. So far, I have no complaints from Ava. She loves feeling like a big girl and is happy to try the something new.

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