Protect Your Kids Ears with ETY Kids Earphones

These days, there’s a growing concern with the amount of screen time that young children have daily. Many parents try to curb the amount of iPad, YouTube or television time their toddlers and young children have every day. They are not only worried about their eyesight but their lack of mobility as well.

But there’s another issue that a lot of parents are increasingly worried about, too and that’s their children’s use of headphones. Half the time they worry that the earphones might not be the right size. Others worry that the volume might be too loud or too soft and are adjusting the volume. My 6-year-old daughter Ava wears her headphones whenever she wants to play a game on the iPad or is watching one of her favorite programs while her twin sisters are napping. Luckily, I know that she’s got one of the safest headphones on the market covering her ears: the ETY Kids Earphones.

For months we looked for an earbud or headphone that would block out external noise for our child. Ava loves to wear her ETY Kids Earphones when she works at the library or when she’s at home with her iPad. As many parents know, listening to devices at a high volume can increase the risk for noise-induced hearing loss over time. As all of my children are toddlers, this has always been one of my biggest concerns. With the ETY Kids Earphones, Ava gets to listen to her device because the earphones let her listen without limiting fidelity. In other words, ETY Kids seal the ear canal, blocking out external noise so a child using them can hear sounds clearly at lower playback levels.

Patty Johnson, AuD, Director of Audiology at Etymotic Research, explains, “Hearing loss is a real public health concern, with a billion young people at risk, according to a recent study by the World Health Organization. With the exploding use of portable devices by children and young adults, we need to promote awareness of the potential risks to hearing, as well as the fact that there are solutions that not only provide an enjoyable listening experience but also diminish the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.”

Basically, the ETY Kids Earphones are great for children or anyone overly sensitive to loud sounds. And as we all know, kids often get startled whenever they hear something loud or very sudden. Your child won’t hear anything except what they are listening to on their device. The earphones also work great for studious teens who live in noisy or disruptive households. And the best part is that the earbuds stay in place. Ava doesn’t wiggle them out and she doesn’t have trouble keeping them in while using them.

The earphones are good for children aged 4 and above. It also includes assorted ear tips and a carrying pouch. They retail for an affordable price of $44.95. Not only is the quality great, but the earphones also fit the price range for many families.

You can purchase ETY Kids Earphones at Amazon.

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