Car Seat & Stroller Blues

Sometimes you get stuck in a rut. Your baby needs to be properly restrained and in a five point harness no matter what. But sometimes the general guidelines for age and weight are not perfect.

For example, my three month old weighs 20 lbs! Needless to say I can’t really follow the age guidelines for car seats and strollers. I still have him in the Graco Snugride carseat. It’s great in the beginning few months because you can snap the little guy in and lug him to the car.

With one little click he’s in the car safely and you can easily transfer him to the stroller.

The only problem? Neither of my boys were content in the seat. I think it’s the angle that it rest at. It’s very reclined.

What have I learned? Well, yesterday at the mall I figured out that my HUGE baby can actually fit safely into the stroller seat for our double stroller.

Getting him out of the Graco was a life changer! He actually slept in the stroller, and when he was awake, he cooed and looked around the happiest he has been in a while.

What I’m getting at is that as long as you follow the weight guidelines, you can find what works for you (as long as your baby has good head control). I don’t think I will ever force my little guy to endure the tiny Graco seat anywhere except the car.

From now on he will ride like a big boy in the stroller with his big brother. And I’m just fine with that!

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