Jennifer Aspen Adopts Baby With Super Cute Name!

Jennifer Aspen Adopts Baby With Super Cute Name!

Jennifer Aspen, the star of the now ex-hit television show GBC, is a new mommy!

This Scientologist (what’s up with these people?) has announced exclusively to People magazine that she is the mother of an adopted little girl born on the 10th of June. The name of the little one is Charlotte Sofia O’ Donnell and sounds more like a character from Gone with the Wind than a fat little ball of baby. Jennifer tied the knot with her husband David O’ Donnell in 2006.

Jennifer tells People,She takes our breath away and charms everyone who meets her. We have been waiting for her for a long time. We are so ecstatic she came to us.”

The couple calls little Charlotte their “Jackpot Baby”. The thought of a baby lottery sounds like something we would be interested in; after all, we’ve always wanted to find a baby under the Christmas tree!

People say to us, ‘How nice of you to adopt and help a child in need.’ And we say, ‘No, you’ve got that backward. We needed her. We call her Jackpot Baby, she is everything you could ever wish for: Healthy, gorgeous, calm, sweet [and] loving.”

Jennifer most probably looked more chuffed than a homeless person who just found a stash of Twinkies when Charlotte was adopted three days after her birth. We presume an adoption is mostly a life changing experience and with Charlotte’s regal name and teeny weensy feet, Jennifer and David’s lives have changed forever.

Little babies don’t just make the world go round with their spittle and slobber; they become an integral part of every family, fused to the bonds of the members, like unwritten poetry.

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