Exclusive Interview: Family Circle’s Regina Ragone Talks Children’s Healthy Eating Tips

Exclusive Interview: Family Circle's Regina Ragone Talks Children's Healthy Eating Tips

Celeb Dirty Laundry & Celeb Baby Laundry’s very own “Mr. HollywoodShannon Rose, host of the hit Hollywood news segment “Rose Hollywood Report” talks with Regina Ragone, columnist for “Family Circle Magazine” to discuss ways for our children to eat healthier.

We all want our children to eat the best foods so they stay healthier which help them grow and avoid becoming obese.  Obesity is a growing problem among children, especially with all the modern technology that keeps them from playing outdoors and being active more.  Kids also don’t like to eat things that are “healthy“, making it even harder for parents to get them on the right track; but Regina says we can do this and kids will be able to eat right and be happy about it.

Ragone talks with “Mr. Hollywood” Shannon Rose about some healthy, yet delicious snack alternatives that kids will gladly accept in the place of a cookie, chips or other sweet snacks.  She also talks about how to avoid the word “healthy” or “nutritious” when it comes to food, and just call it food, taking attention away from stereotypical words that turn kids off to eating it.  She also provides lots of helpful tips parents and adults can use to eat right.  For more information about Shannon Rose visit HERE!