Exclusive: Denise Boutté Dishes on Home, Family, Upcoming Projects and a Recipe for Our Readers!

CBL Exclusive! Denise Boutté of Meet the Browns, and Star of Where’s the Love Dishes on Home, Family, Upcoming Projects and A Recipe for her CBL Fans!

Fans of Meet the Browns had their dreams come true on Sunday, May 18th when UPtv aired the movie, Where’s the Love starring Denise Boutté and Lamman Rucker, together again as a married couple. Sebastian (Lamman Rucker) and Ryan Reid (Denise Boutté) are doctors and relationship experts who host the talk show, Where’s the Love, which is about to have its one year anniversary. Upon the momentous occasion, however, the couple who doles out relationship advice is having their own marriage problems. The two must keep up appearances in order to keep their lucrative careers intact, so they pretend like all is well in their marriage, despite the fact that it is in ruins.

We had the pleasure of speaking one-on-one with talented actress Denise Boutté and not only found out more about Where’s the Love, but also gained some great personal information along with a recipe given exclusively by Denise to her fans on CBL!

We asked Denise what it was like starring with several of her former co-stars from Meet the Browns in the movie Where’s the Love, and whether or not it was a difficult transition to see them and interact with them in a different role. 

“You know, it wasn’t so hard. Lamman and I have worked together as husband and wife for so many years. I call him my Hollywood Husband.”

Denise says that this time as husband and wife, however, required them to play a more mature version than in the past as the focus was on their careers as doctors and relationship experts and their own relationship strife. 

“It was really fun. Lamman and I have great chemistry.”

They are so comfortable together, in fact, that it was very easy for them to play these roles, with Lamman even ad libbing at times. There were also “a slew of folks who acted as are clientele,” she says of the many guest actors and actresses who made filming so much fun.

Given the fact that Denise’s character, Ryan, delivers relationship advice, we asked whether or not she personally has doled out any relationship advice to friends or family. With an infectious laugh, Denise says,

“You know, personally-I stay out of the kitchen! I really cannot think of a time when I have given relationship advice. Relationships are very individualistic and what works for one couple may not work for another couple, because each is so different. You have to do what works for you as a couple.”

Denise explained how while some couples may show their appreciation of one another through gifts, she and her husband Kevin enjoy the simple things like hiking and just spending quality time together. Another way she shows her love…through cooking! Denise loves to cook for her family, including husband Kevin and daughter Jordan Simone, and feels it is a great way to show the love and appreciation you have for your family while bringing everyone together at the table.

We love that Denise is such an advocate of family time, so we asked her if she would be willing to share one of her favorite recipes and she obliged! You’ll find Denise’s recipe at the end. She provided the special recipe to us on one condition…use it to cook for and spend time with your family! We sure will! And, it looks like we’ll soon have a full cookbook from Denise. Denise is currently working on a cookbook that she is filling with recipes from her childhood and some she’s created since then. If that is not enough, you’ll soon be able to cook right along with her as well as she’s also developing webisodes to show off her cooking skills.

While Denise’s character gives out marriage advice freely, she tends to refrain even when her friends ask. It is because of her strong marriage that her friends seek her advice but she prefers not to cross that line. On the other hand, friends enjoy giving her parenting advice. Many of Denise’s friends have older children and share parenting advice with her. Denise says that being a mother is one of the most difficult roles she’s ever played.

“Having a career, being a good mother and a good wife takes time. You need to allow time to figure things out and accept help from folks that you can trust.”

She aims to be a role model for her daughter by being a good example to her. Denise believes it is important to find help from those you can trust so that you don’t become overwhelmed. When we asked her how she stays so positive and upbeat, Denise shared that she incorporates peaceful activities into her life. She makes time for taking walks and just stopping to breathe. As part of her practice of meditation she says,

“I let my mind go at ease, and this has helped so much.”

We asked Denise for advice on staying calm and positive. She shares her recipe for health and happiness,

“Set a time for each day that you will breathe and concentrate. It helps to give clarity and becomes a natural part of your day. Take things one day at a time and don’t compare yourself to others or other situations.”

Denise recommends staying focused on yourself rather than getting caught up in what others have or what others are doing. Many times what we see of others is a façade. 

“All you truly know is you and your situation,” she says. “Every day is not going to be perfect, so focus on the positive and consider your blessings.”

When it comes to marriage, this successful lady and her adoring husband don’t need any help. Denise shares that they’ve known each other for years, growing up in the same area of Louisiana, so they really understand one another well as they share a similar upbringing. She says their foundation is built on what matters…the things money cannot buy. Speaking of the more important things in life, Denise is a staunch supporter of breast cancer awareness and encourages women to squash any fears and get in for those check-ups. Denise says the cause has significant meaning to her because of family members affected by breast cancer. She says that she now owes it to her daughter to make sure she is healthy and that she is aware of any potential genetic problems. 

With such a busy schedule we asked Denise for her favorite shows that she’ll always manage to squeeze in. Denise is a big fan of Kerry Washington, so Scandal is always recorded and waiting for her to watch. She also loves to watch anything on the Food Network, but Giada is her favorite to watch.

Once her short break from the real world is over Denise is right back to work. Currently she is filming The Choir Director, which was adapted from the book. It will end up being a trilogy and fans will get to see Denise playing Simone, a true troublemaker. Denise tells us this film has it all…money swindling, relationship conflicts, and even a potential murder! Another project in the works is The Bounce Back, a romantic comedy where she stars as Shemar Moore’s ex-wife.

And now, for her personal recipe JUST for her CBL fans:

Asparagus & Stewed Tomato Pasta Recipe


This is one busy lady! You’ll need to keep close tabs on her, so be sure to follow her on Twitter, and “like” her fan page on Facebook.

Photos Courtesy of Denise Boutte