Tori Spelling: The Fourth Pregnancy Is The “Best”

Tori Spelling who is pregnant with her fourth child is having her best pregnancy so far.

“This is actually the best pregnancy I’ve had so far out of all of them. Knock on wood. I have no morning sickness and I have energy. [It’s the] total opposite than other three,” she told.

Spelling can next be seen hosting TV contest Craft Wars and says she is perfectly suited to the role because she and her family love to embark on creative projects.

“We are a very crafty family. Dean is super crafty! He’s the builder in our family. He’s amazing at building things and painting them, and then I decorate them. We are a great team. “Liam and Stella love to get creative. We craft every weekend. The worst that has happened is [my kids] got into the glitter,” she told People.

However, while the whole family love to get crafty, Tori thinks Dean is particularly talented.