Tori Spelling Called Out For Being INSENSITIVE Over Pregnancy Prank On April Fool’s Day

Everyone knows that the 1st of April is a day to play pranks on people and make them look stupid in a funny way. For most celebrities, it does their public ratings a whole of good if their followers can have hearty fun from been pranked by them. Only a few celebrities with a good sense of humor can pull it off. But when the prank goes horribly wrong, you can guess what is coming: a heavy backlash from fans. That’s exactly what Tori Spelling got for her humorless and insensitive prank this last April Fool’s Day.

Tori’s Pregnancy Prank

Tori uploaded a picture of her with a baby bump on Instagram on April 1st with a text saying “No 6”. The picture post instantly got a section of her Instagram followers thinking that the 47-year-old mother of five was pregnant for the sixth time. However, another group of followers was quick to call the star out for using a pregnancy prop to deceive fans that she was pregnant. Talk about an April 1st prank gone awfully bad. Many of this category of fans did not mince words when deriding Tori over her insensitivity.

The Heavy Backlash

The first section of followers will probably be wondering why there’s so much fuss over her pregnancy prank, but they forget that pregnancy, miscarriages, and infertility are very sensitive topics nowadays. Most people are so straight-jacketed when it comes to these three topics and are critical of celebrities who make fun out of them. Several comments under her post were unanimously disapproving of the star’s prank, saying that she was insensitive to the plight of millions of women globally who were wishing for a child because she had been favored with five children. They admonished her to stop treating it as a joke.

Tori Spelling

Other fans said she was been disrespectful and a source of pain to women who went through the horrifying experience of miscarriages or could not conceive because of infertility issues.

The baffling thing after all these captivating comments at her uploaded photo is that Tori has not taken down the Instagram post. Well, her acting career is not something to worry about, which is probably why she hasn’t deleted it.

Tori’s Dwindling Fortunes

The actress has been bankrupt for a long time. This is a surprising fact as everyone knows that she comes from a background of vast affluence. At a time, Tori had an acting career that was above average in retrospect.

Tori has to relocate with her family from the luxurious island of Calabasas to the cheap province of Topanga because of financial issues. To give you a clearer picture, it is more like moving from a posh apartment in the highbrow area of New York to the slums of the Bronx. No disrespect to Topanga.

Even though it might be a gimmick to becoming relevant in the acting industry once again, Tori should be more sensitive to the feelings of other people.

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