Tori Spelling Oldest Daughter Stella Spelling-McDermott Is All Grown Up!

Tori Spelling Oldest Daughter Stella Spelling-McDermott Is All Grown Up!Tori Spelling news reveals that Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Tori Spelling shocked her fans with some social media pics recently. They were not at all prepared to see how grown up her oldest daughter Stella Spelling-McDermott is now. The 12-year old is actually as tall as her superstar mom!

The 47-year-old blond daughter of the late tv legend Aaron Spelling went on Instagram on January 24 and shared a cute pic of her and Stella posing together in the bright sunshine. Fan was absolutely stunned to see that both Stella and her mom are the same height–5ft 6in.

Stella’s dad is an actor and Chopped Canada host Dean McDermott. Tori and Dean, who married in 2006, also have a son Liam, 13, a daughter Hattie, 9, another son Finn, 8, and their youngest son Beau, 3.

The family was featured on the reality series Tori & Dean from 2009 until 2014.

Tori Spelling News: Stella Dean Is Just as Tall as Her Famous Mom

Tori’s youngest son Beau was also seen in the collection of photos posted by Tori which she captioned, “Dear weekend, I love you.”

Both Stella and her mom looked amazing! Stella rocked a brown midi dress with thin straps and she had a flannel shirt casually draped around her shoulders. She has on white sneakers and her brown hair was up in a bun.

Tori had on the cutest pair of denim overalls and a brown floral top underneath. She wore brown suede ankle boots and her long hair was pulled to the side with a pair of thin clips keeping it neatly in place.


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Tori Spelling News: The McDermott Family is Growing Up Fast

Erin Ludwig-Ziering who is the ex of Tori’s former 90210 co-stars Ian Ziering, left a beautiful comment in which she said, “She grew up!!! Omg.”

Tons of fans commented on how tall Stella had grown and many were amazed that mom and daughter were now the same height.

Tori Spelling News: Dean McDermott

Proud dad Dean told last year in a virtual podcast that being homeschooled was a positive for his oldest daughter. He shared that Stella had gone through a distressing period of bullying so, “This was a really nice alternative for [her] to kind of getaway and decompress from the bullying issues. It’s nice that we’ll get to go into next year with a clean slate to give them time to heal and process of what they went through.”

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