Brad Pitt Takes Pax For A BIKE Ride

[Picture removed at request of owner]

Brad Pitt was spotted taking his 8-year-old son Pax for a motorcycle ride on New Year’s Eve.  Pax sat in the sidecar attached to the main motor vechicle while they made their way to Gelson’s Market in San Feliz, Ca to pick up groceries.  Pitt was dressed in an all black outfit while he carried his helmut. Pax wore cargo pants with a sweater while he opted to carry a grocery bag from their shopping trip.

Brad Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie helped Jonah Hill celebrate his 28th birthday this past weekend. The bash took place  at La Descarga in Hollywood and the couple stayed for about two hours.

“They danced a little bit,” a source said.. “Angelina had a glass of wine in her hand.”