It seems that new years resolutions are a never dying tradition. I typically tell myself that I don’t need a resolution, I just need to make a change any day, but I am also learning that it’s often easier to be able to start something new when everything is fresh! I’ve noticed among my mom friends there is always a common theme: weight loss, spend more time with the kids, take more pictures… So this brings me to my point of the blog: What’s your “mom-lution”?

As a mom, I have quite a few so I’ll start by listing them below:
#1- Be more in tuned with my son and his language delay. I need to get down on his level and instead of getting frustrated since I can’t understand him, I need to help him. I need to try to figure out more creative ways to introduce forceful language into his play rather than just letting him use imaginative play. I also need to find a balance so I don’t overwhelm him.

#2- Take more pictures! (hehe!) I got a nice DSLR camera for my birthday and I need to be better at documenting my children growing. I often forget that although I see it before my eyes, I’m not going to have those memories in 10 years. I have recently joined a 52 pictures a year project (one a week) and I am looking forward to watching my kids grown on “film” along with before my eyes.

#3- the big whammy, LOSE WEIGHT. As of Thursday, I am officially done getting pregnant.. my loverly husband is making sure that is a fact and taking the plunge for us and getting the “big snip”. I can no longer use the excuse it’s baby weight, because my babies are 2 and 6 months, and before I know it they’ll be 5 and 3 and really won’t be  babies anymore. So, now it’s time to do something for me and my body. I am starting the journey of weight watchers and hoping to make it a permanent life style change (last time I started it, I was 3 months into it and got pregnant with our daughter).

So now that I’ve laid mine out on the table, tell us yours and if you’d prefer not to share, write them down. As parents we often times push ourselves to the wayside and we look back at pictures of when we were “younger” and go “geeze.. where did that person go!?”. This year if nothing else take 10 minutes a day and do something just for you! Be completely selfish! I promise, your children will be fine when you’re done and that simple 10 minutes per day could make all the difference in the world with how you feel!

Happy New Year!