‘Blue Ivy Is The Most Beautiful Baby In The World’ Says Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles Birthday Party Beyonce Knowles

The singer’s sister shared her thoughts as to the beauty of Beyonce’s baby girl Blue Ivy. Solange, 25, who is the younger sister of the singer, has a 7 year old baby of her own.

She took to twitter on Sunday morning to let the world know what she thought of Beyonce’s new born:

The most beautiful girl in the world.

Solange has been giving pregnancy and mom advice to her big sis throughout her pregnancy and in return Beyonce has been a great aunt to Solange’s 7 year old. In November, she was quoted as saying:

“I don’t need any advice [on how to be a great aunt],” she said. “Because she has been a phenomenal aunt to my [7-year-old son Julez], so she’s set the tone as an aunt. I’ve set the tone as a mom, so we’re learning from each other.”

“Well, I’m sure my son would say she’s the better aunt because I’m a mom first,” Solange divulged. “I do realize that popcorn at 9:00 at night probably would make me the better aunt in his eyes.” She went on jokingly.

Rapper Jay Z and father to Blue Ivy was spotted with a big smile walking throughout Lennox Hill Hospital, the place where Beyonce gave birth last Saturday.