Sandra Bullock To Take Lots Of Pictures Of Son Louis At Christmas

Sandra Bullock with baby Louis at Austin Texas AirportSandra Bullock is going to make sure to take a lot of pictures of her 23-month-old son, Louis at Christmas, so she can remind him she was a good mother when he is a bratty teenager.

“It’s gonna be a little ridiculous,” she said.

“I want the photo ops to be really great because he’s not going to remember it, but he’ll remember it by the photos and when he’s 16 and says, ‘I hate you — you’re a horrible mother,’ I’ll go, ‘Do you see this Christmas? Do you see that I got you that life-size lion? Shut up! Get in your room and do your homework. I was a good mother then.’

“And that’s what I’m going to use. That’s my ammunition.”