Sarah Jessica Parker Worries About Making Mistakes With Her Children

Sarah Jessica Parker takes her twin daughters Marion and TabithaSarah Jessica Parker says she worries about making mistakes with her children — James Wilkie, 8, and twins Marion and Tabitha, 2.

“(I think), what will I do today just to scar this child for life?” she said. “What one wrong thing will I say that will ruin this child forever that he or she will never be able to recover from?”

Parker is also determined not to spoil her children.

“We talk a lot about what it means to earn something,” she said.

“You know, that because (James) is growing up in a household that some might call privileged, doesn’t mean that he’s entitled to that.”

Luckily, Parker has her husband Matthew Broderick, to help her deal with the ups and downs of parenthood.

“He took the girls to school this morning for me because I wanted to be here,” she said.