Mariah Carey’s Twins Are Becoming Diva’s

Mariah Carey Keeps Fans Guessing About Her Twins NamesAccording to a source, Mariah Carey is turning her children into mini diva’s. She can’t stop buying them expensive shoes and jewelry.

“They must have something like 50 pairs of shoes between them even though they obviously can’t walk yet,” says a source close to Mariah and her husband Nick Canadon

“Mariah can’t go into a shoe store with buying a dozen pairs and she’s pretty much the same in baby boutiques. She just can’t resist those tiny little shoes.”

Sources also say Cary has splurged on thousands of dollars worth of diamond jewelry for her son and daughter.

“Mariah bought diamond earrings for her daughter, and she’s hoping to have her ears pierced soon,” said an insider. “Plus, both kids have diamond encrusted diaper pins.

“She bought each twin loose diamonds that she put in a vault, to give them when they can appreciate it.