Hilary Duff Dreams Of Having A Son

Hilary Duff Working OutNewly pregnant Hilary Duff says she dreams of having a son.

“Every time I dream about it, I dream that it’s a boy,” Hilary said.

However, it doesn’t mean she would be disappointed if she had a baby girl.

“It doesn’t mean that I’d rather have a boy — it’s just a weird thing.

According to Duff, her and husband Mike Comrie are excited and are looking forward to meeting their future baby.

“We are really excited to see what it looks like, see a little mix of ourselves, expanding our family — we just love kids.

Duff also believe Comrie will be a good father.

“If there’s one thing Mike will be good at it, it’s being a father. He’s so good with kids. When we got married, I inherited six nieces and nephews. They have a lot of kids in their family, and it’s a lot of fun. He’s so good with them!”

picture credit: Fame