Nick Lachey: My Daughter Already has me Wrapped Around her Fingers


Nick Lachey's 3-month-old daughter Brooklyn Elisabeth has already captured his heart.  “I’ll come up to her and make faces and she smiles and laughs, she’s already got me wrapped around her fingers,” the proud husband of Vanessa Minnillo told People after … [Read more...]

Garth Brooks: Nothing Can Touch Being a Dad

Garth Brooks People Magazine

In the latest issue of People Magazine, Garth Brooks opens up about his decision to take a 14 year break from country music to raise his daughters, Taylor,  August, and Allie. "People said, 'How could you walk away from music?' " he tells. "But being a dad – there's … [Read more...]

How New Dads Can Bond With Their Baby

How New Dads Can Bond With Their Baby

When your baby is born, there are so many fears along with the excitement. For many couples, figuring out How New Dads Can Bond With Their Baby is a big fear. Since moms may have more time with the babies if they breastfeed, it can be fearful for dads to figure out how to bond … [Read more...]